Global Multi-Asset Strategy team (GMAS)

GMAS leverages the combined expertise of GLC’s Portfolio Solutions Group (PSG) division and the GLC Asset Mix Committee.

Our philosophy

We believe we can identify, manage and optimize all the variables that can influence obtaining the best long-term risk-adjusted returns through best-in-class, active investment approaches and a powerful multi-disciplinary asset management team. 

Our strategy

The GMAS team delivers an enhanced level of active management to GLC’s balanced and target risk and target date asset allocation funds.

GMAS brings together the asset allocation and investment strategy expertise of GLC’s Asset Mix Committee and the portfolio research and management expertise of GLC’s Portfolio Solutions Group (PSG) team.

The Asset Mix Committee makes ongoing asset mix decisions to drive strong returns across market cycles. They identify current risks and opportunities within each asset class, as well as macro trends in economic and capital market cycles to guide longer term asset mix positioning. They also make tactical and strategic moves within the specific investment objectives and risk tolerances of each mandate to enhance the portfolio’s investment results.

The PSG team leverage their work in portfolio research, portfolio construct, performance analysis and monitoring of the best multi -asset strategies, underlying funds and managers to drive strong returns.

The underlying components of GLC’s balanced and asset allocation portfolios are managed by the experienced and proven investment professionals with attractive track records within their specific asset class.

The result is institutional asset management for multi-asset investment solutions that identify, manage and optimize all the variables that can influence obtaining the best long-term risk-adjusted results. 

Portfolio strategies