GLC Asset Management signs on to Climate Action 100+. Here’s why it matters.

By signing on to Climate Action 100+, GLC commits to driving corporate action on climate change by proactively encouraging some of  the world’s largest corporate greenhouse gas emitters to take necessary action on climate change.  

Joining Climate Action 100+ in December 2019 was one more step in GLC’s ongoing commitment to responsible investing and working toward a more sustainable global financial system.

Responsible investing is not new to GLC

As a leading asset management firm, GLC has been managing socially responsible investment portfolios for 20 years – well before the latest wave of interest in corporate responsibility.  In 2016, GLC formalized its approach to responsible investing by signing on to the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment and incorporating environmental, social and governance factors into every investment decision we make – a commitment that goes hand in hand with our focus on delivering strong investment returns.    

Most investors are unwilling to sacrifice strong investment returns for a more sustainable world, and we don’t think you need to.

Ron Hanson, President and Chief Investment Officer, GLC Asset Management Group

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A commitment that goes hand in hand with strong returns

GLC considers environmental, social and governance factors into every investment decision we make because we believe it can improve the long-term returns of the funds we manage. It’s an additive approach to our existing disciplined investment processes and offers a more holistic view of the current and long-term risks and opportunities when investing in a company.

In short, it’s an important part of our commitment to delivering strong long-term returns for investors.

Leading the way to a more sustainable global financial system

Climate Action 100+Opens a new website in a new window was founded to improve transparency and address the financial risks presented by climate change to a companies’ assets and liabilities. By supporting the Climate Action 100+ initiative, GLC Asset Management Ltd. has joined the group of investors and asset management companies working with the largest corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) emitters encouraging them to act and align their activities with the goals of the Paris Agreement on action to address climate change risks.

Do good and feel good. You don’t have to pick and choose between strong long-term investment results and promoting positive change. You get both with GLC.